Discover The Legendary African American Musicians In The 1950s

From Powerful ballads, gutting wrenching blues to high-energy music that forced hips and bodies to gyrate as fast as possible and as long as possible – Top African American musicians or the Black musicians were key forces on the American music scene during the 1950’s. This blog features and comprehensively discusses the ten of the most popular African-American singers.

What is a Hobknocker? Defining a Slang Word

Every year a handful of new words seem to appear out of nowhere. People adopt the words sometimes with only a vague idea of what it means whether it’s an insult or a sign of affection. Sometimes the definition of a single word multiplies so fast it’s difficult to keep up. One of these new and ever-changing words is “hobknocker”. Many have wondered what the word means and few have found a satisfying answer. Hobknocker is a British slang that has various meanings.

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