Want to increase your level of comfort?

Want to increase your level of comfort?

Once you’ve gotten the best wheelchair, it’s time to find the best wheelchair accessories that will make your ride easier. Enjoy the ease of shopping online. Practically everything you want or need is readily available at many different sites. Not only will you be able to see what’s available ? you will also be able to compare prices. Not surprisingly, the same item can be found with widely varying prices.

Educate yourself about the best wheelchair accessories:

Seat Cushion

A good seat cushion is a must. One that fits your requirements can help prevent pressure sores plus a variety of back and neck problems. Being supported by a good cushion promotes good posture necessary for those with neuromuscular disease when respiration, circulation and swallowing are of concern. There are many options from which to choose:

  • Foam cushions are lightweight, are available in a variety of densities and are the least expensive. However, they will lose their shape eventually; the thinner ones lose their shape more quickly than those that are several inches thick.

  • Air floatation cushions can be purchased as single-chamber cushions or dual-chamber cushions to allow different heights for either side of the cushion to give you even pressure distribution. Although they are waterproof and lightweight, they can develop leaks or punctures. The pressure should be checked regularly. As with any product, check out the warranty.

  • Gel cushions are particularly comfortable and distribute pressure very evenly. They are heavier than foam or air; however, it is important to check these products to make sure the design is suitable for your needs.


A Wheelchair Ramp

You’ve probably found out by now that most private homes are difficult to access with a wheelchair, and if you need to travel by car or van on occasion, you need some kind of ramp, lift or hoist to use with the vehicle. A lift in the home may be necessary for a wheelchair user to access an upper floor. Fortunately, there is a wide range of new and used lifts, ramps and hoists; you should be able to find a suitable product for any situation you encounter.

  • A permanent wheelchair ramp is one that is built for a particular location and remains there. For this type of ramp, you should contact a local contractor.

  • A semi-permanent ramp is assembled using bolts, which can be removed in order to move the ramp to another location.

  • A portable ramp can be folded or rolled up; some include a carrying case or some type of handle. Ramps are also available with safety features such as side rails and non-skid tracks. You can find portable ramps that are suitable for use with thresholds only or for use with minivans. Van ramps are less expensive than lifts; they fold in half and are stored vertically.

There are many different types of ramps and chair lifts on the market. Check them out online and also confer with a local retailer that specializes in this field. Additionally, if you’re in the market for a new car, many auto manufactures offer a good allowance for the installation of such equipment.

Gel Wheelchair Gloves

Gel inserts are used to cushion and protect palms while absorbing vibrations. There are plain gloves available also.

Wheelchair Tray

This accessory allows you to eat, work or read comfortably while in your chair. There are some that fit all standard chairs, have a universal design with a clear acrylic top and have an easy attachment with Velcro closure straps.

Wheelchair Carrying Pouch

Wheelchair carrying pouches come in all sizes and conveniently strap on to the back of your wheelchair. This is a must when you’re shopping or need to carry personal items with you.

Remember to compare costs to find the best wheelchair accessories at the best prices online. Whether you need a wheelchair ramp or other accessories and equipment, the Internet can be your best source for product information and cost comparison. Technology is always changing, and there are new products available every day to make your life easier.



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