American Girl

Dolls for every girl, clothes, books and more gifts for girls

Follow your inner star with inspirational dolls, award-winning books, clothing and accessories, only from the American Girl catalog.

  • My American Girl® - The friend girls create…and celebrate online. Is her hair brown? Does she wear glasses? Are her eyes blue? With this line, girls can create the doll just right for them from more than 40 different combinations, then celebrate her style and discover her personality with outfits, accessories, and even pets! Plus, each doll comes with a code that gives girls access to—a fun, enriching, and safe online world where her doll comes to life. These 18-inch dolls are for ages 8 and up.

  • Historical Characters - Inspirations from America’s past. Mixing adventure with actual events, the stories of our historical characters bring to life important moments in our country’s history. True-to-era clothing, accessories, and furniture lets girls’ imaginations transport them to a different time and place. Each character stars in a six-book series that helps girls learn about friendship, courage, compassion, and—most of all—about themselves. These 18-inch dolls are for ages 8 and up.

  • Girl of the Year® - Learning to shine in today’s world. Every year, the American Girl catalog introduces a brand-new character with a story about finding success in the face of challenges today. Whether she’s making friends or overcoming mistakes, each Girl of the Year discovers something new about herself and the world around her. Each beautifully made Girl of the Year doll inspires and empowers girls through play and is available for only one year. These 18-inch dolls are for ages 8 and up.

  • Bitty Baby® - A little one to love and nurture. Sized just right for little hands, Bitty Baby dolls have soft cloth bodies that make them perfect for hugs and cuddles. Little girls can choose from seven skin-, eye-, and hair-color combinations to find a favorite, and each baby doll arrives with Bitty Bear and a book. An assortment of Bitty Baby nursery accessories inspires endless hours of play, plus she’ll find made-to-match outfits for her and her doll. These 15-inch dolls are for ages 3 and up.

  • Bitty Twins® - Fun times two! Little girls choose the gender, skin tone, and hair and eye color to create the perfect pair of on-the-go toddlers. These dolls have soft, huggable bodies; hair that can be brushed and styled; and outfits that are perfect for active days. Additional outfits for dolls and girls, plus furniture and accessories, provide unlimited hours of play. These 15-inch dolls are for ages 3 and up.
The American Girl catalog is more than just your average toy catalog. It's a place that celebrates who girls are today and who they can be tomorrow, featuring dolls, books, clothing and accessories that encourage them to enjoy and embrace their girlhood, every step of the way.

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