Award Winning Toys - Brain teaser toys, building sets, puzzles, creative crafts and more

The MindWare catalog brings parents and teachers a selection of award winning toys for children ages 2 to 12+, featuring bestselling brain teaser puzzles, TOYS, building sets and more!

Brain Teaser Toys - The MindWare catalog is the leading resource for any teacher or parent featuring educational toys that help expand young minds. You'll find a wide selection of award winning toys from brain teaser toys to puzzles, games, building sets and stimulating brain toys that cover a wide range of subjects from math brain teasers and history games to entertaining science kits and crafts for kids ages 2 to 12 and up!


Award Winning Toys - Blow their minds and get those brain cells working overtime with a highly decorated collection of award winning toys that have won over millions of fans, and quite a few gold stars. Prepare for some major fun with brain teaser puzzles, toys and games from wordy Bananagrams to Equate math brain teasers (Scrabble with numbers)! Don't forget MindWare's most awarded brain toy of them all, Qwirkle, the proud recipient of the Mensa Select Award!


MindWare Bestsellers - Shopping for a brainy kid is an absolute no brainer when you have Mindware's bestselling toy collection on your radar. Choose from classic bestsellers including 4-D animal and pet puzzles, Marble Run, Colorku, Snafooz, Perplexus, the Rubik's Cube puzzle collection and more hands on brain teaser toys for kids who love to learn as much as they love to have fun!


Toys Created by MindWare - Invest in award winning brain teasers that come directly from the expert minds at MindWare. You'll find unique, brilliant and original educational creations featuring Dizios Dominoes with a Dizzying Twist, Math Mosaics, Qwirkle Cubes and Math Path Puzzles, plus fun coloring books, brain teaser books and games for all ages and learning levels.

The MindWare catalog provides parents and educators with the most accredited collection of brain busting games, puzzles and brain teaser toys for kids of all ages. Share the gift of award winning toys like Qwirkle, hands on brain teaser puzzles and more exceptional educational toys that will rack their brains while they excite, engage and challenge kids to learn.

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