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Construction wear - From construction apparel to construction shirts and boots

Construction Gear sets workmen and workwomen up with high quality construction wear for construction workers, carpenters, utility workers, electricians, and more lines of work where quality and safety are key.

  • Construction wear and work clothing - ConstructionGear.com takes the work out of shopping for work clothing with rugged construction wear and gear for both men and women, conveniently categorized by department or brand! You'll find overalls, coveralls, construction shirts, pants, shorts and jackets made to withstand the toughest working environments, plus flame resistant clothing, rain gear, stay cool gear, high visibility clothing and more of their trusted top sellers in construction apparel!

  • Work boots - Whether your job requires steel toe work boots or soft toe work boots, Construction Gear has the boots and work shoes that will get you off on the right foot! Besides a winning selection of construction wear, shop work boots by style or by brand featuring all of the leading work boot designs from Wolverine, Timberland, Dickies, Caterpillar, Carhartt and more! Choose from waterproof work boots, insulated boots, oversized, leather, rubber, hiking boots and dozens of other styles for both men and women!

  • Work gloves - Find construction apparel and accessories that will keep your hands unscathed and warm when the weather turns chilly! Shop for expert work gloves including general work gloves, nitrile gloves, cotton, leather or rubber gloves, Kevlar cut resistant gloves, anti-vibration gloves, winter gloves for icy cold weather conditions, fingerless gloves, welding and specialty mechanics gloves from all of the most popular construction wear brands like Carhartt, Mako, Norcross, MSA, and North!

  • Work accessories - Make your work day run a little smoother with construction wear and work accessories that help keep you organized, safe and comfortable while working on any job site. Shop a wide variety of tool belts and pouches, tool bags, handy tool bucket organizers, belt buckles, safety sunglasses, goggles, hats and hard hats, moisture control socks, gel or foam kneepads, Miracool Heat Stress products, and more on-the-job protective gear!
Whether you're in the construction business or not, Construction Gear brings workers construction wear, construction shirts, gear and work boots fit for any job where you get your hands dirty.

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