J. Peterman

Men's and women's classic clothing from the J Peterman catalog online

Classic and timeless fashions, luggage and accessories from J. Peterman. Featuring classic men's clothing, women's fashions, luggage and accessories from nostalgic days.

  • J Peterman catalog online - J. Peterman has been traveling the world to find uncommonly good stuff for over 23 years, and now he brings his findings directly to you through an online portal that takes you back in time while giving you access to the nostalgic and worldly treasures we can't seem to live without. Relive days of old with the J. Peterman catalog online, putting you back in touch with vintage inspired women's and men's apparel, unique accessories, fine luggage, and more of the one-of-a-kind wares that J. Peterman is known for.

  • Classic men's clothing - What is old is new again. If you ever look at antique photographs and find yourself admiring your grandfathers' fashion sense, you'll find many of those same dapper vintage looks modernized with a fresh contemporary twist, featured in the J Peterman catalog. Fill your wardrobe with classic men's fashion staples, from polos and collarless Gatsby shirts to pinstriped pants, old school sweaters, jackets and leather trench coats that have a touch of old Hollywood appeal.

  • Women's clothing - All women love to shop. It's in our blood. Women also love to make a statement with garments that are original, confident and elegantly refined. The J Peterman catalog online outfits you in effortless and cultured women's clothing ensembles that beg to be noticed. Shop for flirty dresses and skirts, silky blouses, glamorous pants and outerwear styles while savoring the entertaining stories and hand-drawn period illustrations that have become a J. Peterman exclusive.

  • Luggage & bags - Before you embark on your next journey across the globe, invest in quality luggage sets and individual pieces that are sophisticated, durable, and utterly timeless. The J. Peterman prepares you for travels to any destination, exotic or domestic, with a line of exceptionally well made travel bags that range from leather and canvas bags to briefcases and backpacks, fine garment bags to wheeled duffels, carry-ons, suitcases, weekenders and totes that are all finely detailed, expertly crafted, and made the way they used to make travel bags.

  • Accessories - From sunglasses to suspenders, the J. Peterman catalog online will help you accessorize all of your classic ensembles from head to toe. Explore an exquisite collection of men's and women's accessories ranging from luxurious scarves and belts for her to fine leather shoes and bags for him, as well at the E.M. and 1903 Collections of vintage perfumes, colognes and old fashioned shaving accessories that remind us of everything we love about the past.
The J. Peterman catalog online is more than just a website. It's an experience. Whether you're feeling nostalgic, preparing for travels, or searching for the perfect gift for a loved one filled with fond memories of the way things were, J. Peterman puts you in touch with an international selection of products that will charm, engage and provoke, even more than they did way back when.

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