Candlewic Company

DIY candle making supplies - waxes, wicks, fragrances and premium candle making supplies

Candlewic is your main source for the best candle making supplies online, for DIY candles designed by you.

  • Candle Wax & Wicks - When it comes to high quality candle making supplies, no one can hold a candle to the selection at Candlewic. Find everything you need for DIY candle making at your fingertips, with custom wax blends, paraffin or soy candle wax, 100% natural beeswax and beeswax sheets, gel wax, palm wax, specialty waxes and more. Browse a wide assortment of wooden wicks, wicks for votives, tea lights and candle containers, wick spools, pins and base tabs, or visit the Custom Candle Wick Builder for custom wicks that are conveniently pre-cut to length and pre-assembled for your next project.

  • Candle Fragrances, Scents, & Oils - Create your own DIY candles that are heaven scented. No matter if you prefer food and drink inspired or floral fragrances, natural earthy aromas or festive seasonal scents, Candlewic will satisfy all of your senses with a wide range of notes that will satisfy any scent profile. Shop by fragrance type, skin safe options, or by candle wax compatibility from dozens of intoxicating aromas to choose from.

  • Candle Colors, Pigments & Dyes - Whether your candle making project is large, medium, or small, Candlewic delivers a selection of bright colors, pigments and dyes that will ensure that every batch is made in your ideal shade. Browse a rainbow of tones and colors available in color block and color button form, pigment dyes, and highly concentrated liquid dyes that come in 20 brilliant hues to choose from.

  • Candle Making Molds, Equipment, Containers & More - Shop Candlewic's durable collection of candle molds of all shapes, sizes and designs, including aluminum or plastic candle molds, taper or tea-light molds, plus thermometers, pouring pots, wax heaters, and more candle making must-haves. Find the perfect container to complement your DIY candles and creations with candle tins available in 4 oz. to 20 oz. sizes, recycled glass flower pot containers, mini glass votives, and a variety of glass candle jars and containers available in an assortment of shapes, styles and sizes.

  • Candle Making Kits - Whether you're an amateur or a candle making expert, Candlewic offers all inclusive candle making kits that will make the candle making process easy, enjoyable and virtually effortless. Choose from DIY candle making kits to create your own pillars, votives, floaters and aromatherapy candles that smell just as delicious and inviting as the ones sold in your favorite retail stores.

  • Soap Making Supplies - Besides featuring the best candle making supplies online, you'll also find a selection of premium soap making supplies for DIY soap projects. Choose from 3D soap making molds, tray molds or metal loaf molds, as well as melt and pour soap bases, natural soap additives, essential oils and dyes, and beginner kits that will help soap making novices learn the very basics of making, melting and pouring soaps.
For almost 40 years, Candlewic has served the needs of candle making enthusiasts across the US and worldwide, supplying the candle making industry with professional candle wax, wicks, molds, colors, containers and kits, since 1972.

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