Micro-Mark Tools

Small tool specialists for hobby train modelers, model building, robotics, jewelry making, kits and more

Micro-Mark Tools catalog is the top source for the best prices on specialized miniature tools and supplies for hobby train modeling, model building, camera, watch and instrument repair and jewelry making.

  • Power and Hand Tools - Modelers and hobbyists will love the mini lathes, micro-sanders and drill presses to give every project a professionally finished look. Their small power tools will turn, mill, cut, edge and groove even the smallest work pieces. Add the perfect small hand tools and soldering equipment to your workshop for all of your exacting projects. Any hobbyist or professional, from hobby train enthusiasts and musical instrument makers to watch repair and special effects studio and movie prop experts will find the precision tools their craft demands right here.

  • Project Supplies and Kits - The Micro-Mark Tools catalog has all of the model building supplies for your next miniature project. The have metal in sheets, rods and tubes, as well as a huge selection of wood sheets and strips. They also have resin casting supplies and molding products. If you are looking for a model railroad kits, military, train, ship or boat model kit, you will love the selection here. They also have structure model kits and a huge variety of plastic model kits for everyone from the beginner to the expert model builder.

  • Finishing Supplies and Hardware - You’ve built it, now purchase the painting supplies you need for a perfect finished project. They have airbrushes, compressors, painting accessories, as well as decals, paint, and high quality paintbrushes for even the tiniest project. Miniaturists will find everything they need for the best possible product. If small hardware is the finishing touch you are looking for, you will find tiny screws, handles and a full compliment of miniature hardware in sizes to suit any project.

  • Vision Aids and Measuring - Precise measurements and close up vision are integral to the success of your project or repair work, and you will find work lights, magnifiers, measuring tools and markers in the Micro-Mark Tools catalog. Working on your camera or watch repairs, or detailing miniatures, will be so much easier and deliver a precise outcome, when you use the right lights, magnifiers and tools for recording and directing measurements.
When you use their money saving coupon code, planning your next project is easy on your hobby budget too. Order a selection of books and videos to build your hobby train, model building or craft library and grow your own skillset as you add both tools and resources to your home workshop.

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