Christian J. Hummul Company

Premium wood carving patterns, tools and supplies for all of your woodcraft needs

The Christian J. Hummul wood carving catalog is every carver's specialty source for the finest wood carving patterns, supplies, tools and equipment needed to enjoy and engage in their favorite pastime.

  • Tools & Accessories - Stock your wood shop with all of the vital tools you need on hand to chisel, sculpt and create your next great project. You'll find essential do it yourself hand carving tools including knives, gouges and micro planes as well as high powered equipment such as steel and carbide cutting tools, dremels and motor units. You'll find tools for accomplished carvers as well as tools to accommodate woodcarving for beginners. Browse an all-purpose collection of sanding and sharpening accessories, checkering tools, band saw blades, wood burners, brass and copper sheets and tubes, mallets, mandrels, arbors and chucks, fillers, glues, putty, and more odds, ends and extras that you may need to get the job done.

  • Patterns - No matter where your carving interests and passions lie, Hummul delivers the perfect wood carving patterns that will take your passion to completion. Whether you're a wildlife animal enthusiast who loves to whittle bears, foxes, bobcats and deer or have a loyal soft spot for swans, geese and gazelles, you'll find a vast selection of patterns from Stiller and Windgate that include ducks, birds of prey, fish and marine life, horses, land fowl, waterfowl, reptiles, and dogs of every breed. Complete the entire picture with eyes, feet, and handsome walnut bases that will serve as the perfect foundation.

  • Paint & Brushes - Once your carving is complete, paint your creation to perfection with your choice of acrylic or oil based paints, airbrush paints, varnishes, glazes, glosses, sealers, and other fast drying expert mediums. Find the perfect brush to fill in every nook and cranny including angle and flat shaders, fan brushes, blenders, mini and specialized paint brushes, Badger and Paache airbrushes, and more.

  • Books & Videos - Master your art with instructional books, video series and DVDs that will have you carving everything from Christmas ornament and bible characters to seasonal gourds, Wild West figurines, and more. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert, you'll find a wealth of techniques, tips, ideas, and inspiration for every skill level. Get started with general wood carving for beginners, develop your chip cutting and sharpening skills, or learn to burn with informative wood burning books that will help you perfect the art of pyrography.
The Christian J. Hummul wood carving catalog has been serving carvers since 1983, supplying them with the proper tools, wood carving patterns, paint and equipment they need to take their hobby to the next level.

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