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3B Scientific has been setting quality standards in manufacturing didactic material for medical education since 1948. Today, the brand is represented in over 120 countries worldwide with local offices in Germany, Hungary, USA, Japan, France, China, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, South Korea and Turkey.

  • Human anatomy - 3B Scientific offers you the highest level of service and product quality that you can always depend on. The production of our 3B Scientific® anatomy models, simulators and trainers is backed by the newest findings in medical sciences and educational techniques. Precise anatomical details are hand painted to show intricate structures such as muscle and nerve fibers. These allow for easy identification in our detailed product manuals and learning cards whilst encouraging effective teaching and interactive study.

    NEW! All original 3B Scientific® anatomy models now include a FREE digital anatomy course called 3B Smart Anatomy:

    • FREE access to the 3B Smart Anatomy course hosted inside the Complete Anatomy platform by 3D4Medical
    • The 3B Smart Anatomy course includes: 23 anatomy lectures, 117 interactive virtual anatomy models and 39 anatomy quizzes
    • FREE warranty upgrade from 3 to 5 years activated upon product registration
    • Simply scan the label, register your product and download the app!

  • Health education - High quality and functional products to educate about common health risks and diseases. Ideal for educating patients and for student training.

  • Career tech Reliable simulators for basic, intermediate, and advanced clinical skills training. 3B Scientific stands for the most life like medical training products for customers like medical and science universities, technical colleges, teaching hospitals, simulation centers, nursing schools and all teaching areas of allied health. The extensive range of high quality medical simulators, clinical skill trainers and complete skill lab set ups is sure to meet the needs of medical educators around the globe.

  • Charts & posters - Anatomical wall charts and posters from 3B Scientific are ideal for teaching human anatomy and for patient education.

  • Biology - 3B Scientific is more than just human biology! Learn about zoology with our animal skeletons and animal models. Botany models, including cellular and molecular models, are great for engaging students in group and hands-on learning. And what science lab would be complete without student microscopes, and experiment supplies?

  • Earth Science - The earth is the only planet known so far on which higher forms of life exist. Many factors, including the inner structure and the outer form, contribute to this. To better understand our environment, we have developed interesting new products, working with renowned experts, and have summarized them on the following pages.

  • Chemistry - Students will gain hands-on experience in the fundamentals of chemistry by constructing models of organic and inorganic structures representing numerous chemicals, molecules, crystals and other compounds. Build hundreds of different structures while gaining an understanding of elemental particles.

  • Physics - At 3B Scientific, we believe hands-on, inquiry-based education lies at the heart of producing new generations of creative, impassioned scientists that are destined to make the world a better place.

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