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  • Electronics & Accessories - Whether you're searching for a new cell phone or MP3 player, a sharp 42 inch LCD TV, laptop computer or tablet, their online store has you covered with a wide range of electronics and accessories that will keep you entertained and equipped with everything high tech. RadioShack electronics cover more than just radios, with TV and video equipment, music and audio, GPS devices, computers, cameras, camcorders and more. Learn more about the their Trade & Save Program, which lets you trade in your used electronics and sends you a gift card for the value.

  • Hobby & Do-it-Yourself - Explore a selection of the RadioShack catalog of products that will help you explore your favorite hobbies and passions. From binoculars and telescopes to delight your inner astronomer to metal detectors for treasure seekers, you'll find sports and fitness devices, hobby projects, kits, and various tools and equipment that will cater to hobbyists and do-it-yourself enthusiasts alike.

  • Batteries & Power - Stock up on basic "AA" batteries, rechargeable batteries, state-of-the-art solar power, surge protectors, and all of the battery supply that you need to keep all of your electronic devices properly powered up. Search by battery, device or model, featuring batteries for your phones, computers, laptops, digital cameras and camcorders. You'll also find iPod/MP3 batteries, GPS and car power options, plus general purpose batteries for your everyday gadgets.

  • Cell Phones & Accessories - Ready for a cell phone upgrade? Their online store brings you the most sought after smartphones paired with a plan that will work for you. Shop by wireless carrier, manufacturer, or by feature to browse a vast assortment of smartphone and cell phone deals on Apple iPhones, Android phones, 4G models, and all of the hottest phones from Motorola, Samsung, HTC and LG. Enjoy all of the features you want without the hassle of a contract with their no-contract cell phones and unlocked phones that support multiple carriers. Find cell phone accessories from cases to headsets, speakers to SD cards.
RadioShack brings you the most innovative products, accessories and services that will keep you connected while navigating today's fast-paced world. Find a wide selection of electronics, options and solutions that are guaranteed to meet all of your technological needs.

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