Revolutionary headphones, subwoofers, amplifiers and audio equipment

Home theater buffs and music lovers demand the famous Velodyne subwoofer and high tech Velodyne audio products for a fusion of technological innovation and beautiful design.

  • Headphones - Contemporary style, and premium sound quality are delivered by all of the innovative Velodyne headphones. Over ear Bluetooth headphones and on ear headphones deliver perfect sound the way you prefer to listen to it, without disturbing the rest of the household. Customize your Velodyne headphones with a trendy headphone skin.

  • Subwoofers - The Velodyne subwoofer is world renowned as the lowest distortion bass subwoofer available. If your home theater or music room requires the highest level of sound performance, choose the right subwoofer from Velodyne for your custom installation. Velodyne makes high tech in wall subwoofers, mini high performance subwoofers, a wireless subwoofer and the digital drive subwoofer for the discerning audio enthusiast.

  • Amplifiers - Pair a powerful Velodyne amplifier with your in wall or in ceiling Velodyne speakers for a high performance audio installation. The most rigorous and innovative technology in home audio equipment will reproduce very low bass frequencies in a small, compact system that looks as good as it sounds.

  • Installation and Management - Look for Velodyne installation accessories to finish the custom install of your subwoofer and audio system. Mud rings, back boxes, grilles and cables will get the job done for professional quality sound, whether your are enjoying a movie or getting into a new age jazz groove. With a Velodyne bass management kit, you can set up and optimize the bass response across multiple listening locations for truly professional sound quality.
Velodyne, Inc. brings world renowned audio equipment and the highest quality sound to your environment with all the components you need for a custom audio installation in your home theater, man cave or living room.

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