Puzzle Zoo

Cool action figures, fun puzzle games and collectible toys

Collectible toys that bring you back, from cool action figures to fun puzzles games, dolls, novelties, and more cool toys for the kid in all of us.

  • Cool action figures - Since 1993, Puzzle Zoo has delighted toy collectors, adults, and children of all ages with a massive selection of collectible toys and figurines from yesterday and today. Treat your child and/or your inner child to a menagerie of cool action figures, puzzle and games, dolls and memorabilia from all of your favorite blockbuster movies, television series, cartoons, video games and comic books including:

    • Star Wars Toys
    • Superhero Toys
    • Movie Toys
    • TV & Cartoon Toys
    • McFarlane Toys
    • G.I. Joe Toys
    • Anime Toys
    • Transformers Toys
    • Disney Toys and many, many more!

  • Puzzles and Games - Challenge the mind with a bestselling selection of fun puzzle games and construction toys that are guaranteed to keep the brain cells charged and the wheels turning. Choose from classic board games and brilliant brainteasers, compelling card games, collectible action figure games, Lego sets, building blocks, and piece-it-together jigsaw puzzles of all themes, skill levels and sizes.

  • Arts & Crafts Toys - Whether your little one prefers Color by Numbers, DIY cosmetics, jewelry and doll making, robot building, puppets, pottery, or other kid-friendly arts and crafts, you'll find the perfect project to unleash their inner artiste. Stock your arts and crafts supply bin with plenty of Play-Doh, colored pencils, crayons, chalk and markers, plus vintage Shrinky Dinks, Lite Brites, Etch A Sketches, and more creative collectible toys, puzzles and games that we all loved growing up on.

  • Dolls & Plush Toys - Welcome to the dollhouse. From retro Barbies and Spice Girls to Twilight action figures, Polly Pockets, Ugly Dolls and Voodoo dolls, Puzzle Zoo will get you all dolled up with the hottest collectible toy dolls in the toy biz. Besides the coolest action figures on the block, you'll find the Littlest Pet Shop creatures, Angry Bird plush dolls, Squishables, rock star figurines, Beanies, Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, and more popular figures from yesteryear and the new millennium.
From Superheroes and Star Wars action figures to collectible toys from the UFC and WWF, old school board games to Barbie dolls and bobbleheads, you'll feel like a kid with a new toy with every purchase made at Puzzle Zoo, featuring collectible toys, puzzles and games from the past and present, with over 10,000 popular toys to choose from.

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