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Rare Collectible Coins - Collectible silver coins & collectible coins of all denominations

Celebrating over ten years of bringing serious collectors the rare collectible coins they need in order to complete their prized collections, Collectors Alliance, Inc. helps coin collecting enthusiasts find their coveted coinage, as well as sports memorabilia, toys and other keepsakes and treasured tokens!

  • Rare collectible coins - You've searched high and low for that one coin that is impossible to find. Consider your search over, the moment you visit Collectors Alliance, Inc. Featuring a selection of rare collectible coins in obsolete denominations including half cents, two cent coins, 3 cent collectible silver coins, 3 cent nickels, half dimes and 20 cent coins that all hold priceless historical significance. Plus, Collectors Alliance, Inc. guarantees that every one of their coins is original and authentic, backing it with their Iron Clad Guarantee!

  • Collectible silver coins - Build your collection of pure silver with collectible silver coins from both today and yesterday! From the contemporary 2009 Silver Eagle dollar that is the largest and purest silver dollar ever made, to rare collectible coins from the fabled Wild West featuring the Morgan Dollar that dates back to the year 1878, you'll also find Peace Dollars from the 1920's, Franklin half dollars, Kennedy half dollars and even more sought after silver coins from of Collectors Alliance!

  • Collectible coin sets - Whether you're shopping for that one special coin or a complete set to start off your first collection, Collectors Alliance provides you with sets and rolls of all your favorite coins! Choose from vintage, modern, modern silver, premier, prestige, 50 state quarter Proof Sets, or certified Proof Sets that are the highest quality coins struck at the U.S. Mint each year! From contemporary 2009 coin sets to rare collectible coin sets from the 1930's and 1940's, you'll be sure to find your year, at prices that won't break your piggy bank.
Collectors Alliance, Inc. has been serving coin collectors and trading card collectors alike, providing the rare collectible coins, coin packaging, and sports themed trading cards that they've been hunting for. End your quest and complete your personal collection today with a little help from the experts at Collectors Alliance, where they really know the value of a coin.

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