Yoga accessories including Yoga mats, bags, clothing, towels and more

YOGAaccessories brings you all of the essential yoga supplies you need, from yoga mats and bags to yoga mat straps, towels and clothing that will help you fully enjoy the art and practice of yoga.

YOGAaccessories - Whether you are new to yoga and have just signed up for your first class or if you're an experienced yogi or yogini starting your own yoga studio, YOGAaccessories is your supreme source for high quality yoga equipment, props and supplies. Find a wide range of yoga gear from yoga apparel and gifts to yoga mats and bags, straps, DVDs and more premium yoga accessories that will help you get you through those postures with perfect form.


Yoga mats and bags - Take your pick from an overwhelming selection of yoga mats of all shapes, colors, designs and sizes. Choose from lightweight yoga mats and bags, eco-friendly mats, round mats, children's sized mats, specialty yoga mats and ones that feature nature-inspired or bold graphic prints depending on your mood. You'll also find yoga mat straps, yoga mat rolls, mat cleaners and the perfect sized yoga gym bag to tote all of your gear around in.


yoga towels and blankets - Say goodbye to yoga slips and spills with a colorful collection of Yogitoes yoga towels that are great for hygiene, super absorbent and also proven to prolong the life of your yoga mats! Then add style, comfort and warmth to your yoga routine with an assortment of cozy yoga blankets that can be used for extra support during shoulder stands, headstands or to cover you up at the end of your routine.


Yoga blocks, bolsters and wedges - Besides their vast supply of yoga mats and bags, you'll also find a helpful supply of yoga equipment that will help you get the most out of every workout. Improve your extension during yoga postures with foam yoga blocks that lend support, just where you need it most. Support your neck and other fragile body parts with soft yoga bolsters and gain a deeper stretch with foam yoga wedges that help maintain alignment.


Yoga gifts - Gift all of the yoga fans in your life with an invigorating selection of yoga gifts for him, her or yoga loving kids. Shop for a wide range of products from YOGAaccessories including yoga jewelry and apparel, the best yoga DVDS, music, games, books, yoga straps, yoga balls, complete yoga kits, eye pillows, massage and relaxation products and more healing goodies.

Since 1997, YOGAaccessories has given yoga lovers something to celebrate with a yoga superstore filled with an unparalleled selection of yoga mats and bags, straps, gifts and more yoga supplies that will keep you completely centered.

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