The best natural beauty products, from all natural body lotions to hair & skincare

Ecco Bella will help you enjoy and embrace an all-natural eco-friendly beauty experience with herbal body, hair and skin care products that are 100% vegan, preservative/gluten-free, and never tested on animals.

  • Body Care - Pamper every inch of your skin with water-free herbal body lotions that will deliver nourishment and luxury, every time you smooth a handful on. Whether you're suffering from dry and flaky skin or simply trying to retain your body's natural moisture after a shower, you'll find the best natural beauty products and treatments that will transform your body from head to toe. Enjoy skin-softening aloe that will banish any dry or rough spots while leaving your skin silky and supple for hours after any application. Choose from Organic Vanilla, Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Grapefruit or Unscented herbal body lotions for the ultimate remedy against common skin irritations.

  • Skin Care & Make Up - Turn back the hands of time and stop blemishes at bay with vitamin enriched skin care products that will help tackle sun damage and stress as well as environmental aging and acne prone skin issues. You'll find holistic, physician approved cleansers, skin creams and serums that will multi-task, providing the best defense against all of the elements and stressors that are sabotaging your skin. Invest in FlowerColor Mineral Make up that will keep your look lasting longer while letting your true beauty shine through. From shadows and liners to Ecco Bella foundation, compacts, lipsticks and glosses, you'll be able to put your best face forward with toxin and chemical free cosmetics that are created using only the finest natural ingredients.

  • Hair Care - Treat your tresses to an all-natural, revitalizing and relaxing spa experience with hair and scalp therapy products that are designed to nourish your mane while getting your hair squeaky clean. Discover the best natural beauty products for your hair with formulas guaranteed to strengthen, soften, purify and rejuvenate your locks, minus the addition of sulfates and other harmful chemicals and irritants. From their heaven scented Moisturizing Vanilla Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner to a Natural & Organic therapy duo made with Green Tea and Neem, you'll have access to hair care solutions that will promote a healthy scalp, growth and balance, with formulas that are all vegan and gluten free.

  • Fragrances - Indulge your senses with the fragrant, healing and restorative powers of all natural aromatherapy products, featuring a line of organic Eau de Parfums that are crafted using all natural essential oils extracted from the sweetest smelling flowers, fruits, herbs, and spices. Choose from three organic parfum scents that have the power to boost your mood and last all day including Ambrosia, Lavender and Bourbon Vanilla. Fill your home with the intoxicating aromas of fruit and lavender notes with Ecco Mists, their exclusive eco-friendly non aerosol room mists made with three simple ingredients - essential oils, emulsifier and water.
Ecco Bella has served as a true innovator in the eco beauty industry, taking a stand against animal testing while producing luxurious, multi-tasking formulas that serve as the best natural beauty products and solutions for you, the animals, and the environment.

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