Spira Footwear

Amazing walking and running shoes - experience the difference of WaveSpring technology

Choose the Spira Shoes catalog and coupon code for patented WaveSpring technology - the most comfortable cushioning shoes for walking, running and racing with impact protection and lower joint stress.

  • WaveSpring Technology - You will feel the difference in a pair of Spira shoes as soon as you put them on. Their patented WaveSpring technology is a cushioning system that let's you go harder and farther with your workout and puts less stress on your knees, feet and joints. WaveSpring technology is like a shock absorber in your shoes, making your walk, jog or race more comfortable and enjoyable with the best running shoes engineered for your whole body..

  • Women's Shoes - Spira Shoes has the best womens walking shoes with heel spring design for top athletic performance and cushioned support for your whole body. Choose a classic leather walking shoe, Valencia all purpose shoe or the super comfortable WaveWalker. For jogging, running and racing, they have Stinger lightweight performance sneakers, Scorpius stability runners shoes and racing shoes in hot colors like petunia, mandarin, electric blue and citrus.

  • Men's Shoes - For walking or running, you will love the collection of Spira athletic shoes, with technology that adds stability and performance to your workout. Add miles without feeling the pain when you wear the men's best running shoes, the Stinger XLT or Stinger 3, and look great while you feel the burn in the Scorpius stability runner. For walking and everyday comfort, you won't go wrong with a pair of Spiras from the cushioned walking collection. If lacing and tying are a challenge, you will appreciate the EZ strap walking shoe, which comes in medium, wide and double wide shoe sizes.

  • Duck Dynasty Athletic Shoes - Looking for a funky athletic shoe or trendy walking sneakers, and have a taste for trendy camo patterns? You will love the official licensed Duck Dynasty Camo Shoe Collection by Spira Shoes. These neutral running shoes have the WaveSpring cushioning technology and the stylish Duck Dynasty camouflage pattern. You will want to choose more than one pair of this neutral running shoe in a variety of colors and sizes for men and women.
Find great savings on Spira shoes and walking sneakers in the selection of Closeouts with discounts on performance trainers, lightweight racing shoes, stability runners and mens and womens cushioned walking shoes. You can get Spira's heel spring technology to go easy on your joints at prices that don't hurt your wallet either.

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