Sacred Source

Collectible deity statues, ancient images and museum reproductions

Sacred Source catalog carries over 500 ancient deity statues and inspirational plaques as well as inspirational jewelry, incense, perfume oils, books, and music with coupon code savings that you will love.

  • Spiritual Statues and Deities - Their master artisans sculpt a prototype of your spiritual art piece, and then mold small batches by hand. Sacred Source catalog features goddess and deity statues and goddesses developed from the design of your devotional image to reflect the intentions of the artist, whether it was created 300,000 years ago or today. Whatever speaks to your spiritual journey - Buddha, Wicca, Krishna, Vishnu or Lilith - you will find images that add to your devotional meditations. Your decorative statue is lovingly finished for lasting beauty, and then carefully packed for its long ocean voyage from India to America.

  • Décor and Museum Reproductions - The statues from these highly talented Indian artisans include museum reproductions of pieces from a diverse range of cultures and eras as well as modern artwork designed by contemporary working artists. Accent your home and garden with creative expressions of spirituality from Buddhist, Celtic, Hindu and Middle Eastern traditions, or add Greek and Roman figures to your interior for a nod to the classics. You will love the stunning Signature Artist series, with original artwork from Abby Willowroot, Billie John, Ann Zeleny and Maine Miller.

  • Music, Books and Incense - Nurture your senses and your intellect with the carefully curated collection of spiritual reading materials, CDs and aromatic incense. Light your India Temple incense cones or sticks and settle in with the Sacred Source book to read the story of founder Freeman Allan's multicultural adventure journey toward union with the Divine Feminine. Sooth your spirit with a selection from the collection of music CDs, using the Sacred Source coupon code for savings as you fill your personal library with ancient wisdom.

  • Devotional Jewelry and Perfumes - You will love the large selection of jewelry with inspirational and sacred images, from Celtic crescent moon pendants and Wiccan Tree of Life earrings, to silver and pewter jewelry with moon, Ankh, snake and owl icons. The selection of Dokra tribal jewelry includes cuffs, hairpins, bell earrings, black thread and enamel chokers and mystical pentagram necklaces. Choose a Mala, for yourself or as a gift of enlightenment, handcrafted from Rudraksha seed beads and said to have healing properties to watch over you and your loved ones.
Sacred Source is a small oasis of beauty and spiritual centeredness that soothes the soul. Committed to Fair Trade practices, they hope to improve the lives of the artisans who craft their statues as well as sharing the blessing of peace, abundance and joy with those who purchase them.

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