Mudpuppy Press

Photo albums for kids, journals, child stationery and games to capture the imagination

Childhood is over before you know it. Help your children to capture their memories today with Mudpuppy's unique collection, including:

  • A variety of memory journal choices, including camp, travel and school journals
  • Colorful photo albums for kids to save and share their favorite pictures of friends and family
  • Child stationery to keep in touch with pen pals and far-away friends
- It's Child's Play!
Mudpuppy is also a learning toy store offering classic children's books, 3D jigsaw puzzles, plush toys, and more.

Create a memorable gift basket for a birthday, holiday or summer camp with a selection of toys, regular or 3D jigsaw puzzles, photo albums for kids, a kid's diary or a cuddly plush companion.

Find gifts that will last far beyond childhood. Whether you want to buy a child stationery, a journal for their deepest thoughts,a stuffed animal or even a sticker book, Mudpuppy is the place to start!

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