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America's favorite fashion doll, featuring the hottest new releases, Barbie clothing and accessories from yesterday and today, only from the Barbie catalog.

  • Home Page - Your source for Barbie Dolls and Collections! Featured dolls, news stories, and downloadable desktop calendars are just the start. Check out the Style File, and upload your own doll photos based on fun monthly themes. Links to new news stories and the latest online Barbie catalog are also just a click away!

  • Shop Page - Bring Barbie home! Here’s where you’ll find all the Barbie dolls, accessories, and lifestyle items any collector will love. Find the featured collectible dolls capturing the attention of Barbie fans worldwide, with eye-popping photos and details on their designs. When sales and promotions are happening, you’ll see them highlighted here, too. There’s always something fabulous to discover in the online Barbie Collector shop!

  • What's New - Tomorrow’s fashions right now! The latest and greatest doll designs – from Barbie collector doll designers, as well as some of the biggest names in real-world fashion – are gathered together in this department to amaze and delight doll collectors of all stripes and styles.

  • Style for You - Apparel, accessories and, more! Wear your love for Barbie with everything from watches, scarves, tees, and more. Accessorize your iPhone, freshen up your makeup, pamper yourself with a pretty picnic set – there are fabulous finds in department, and they change with the seasons. Keep coming back to find out what’s in store for you!

  • Exclusives - Not available in stores! So unique, so special, only savvy online shoppers will know about these Barbie dolls. Because you can’t get them in stores, you’ll also find that these collectible dolls tend to be produced in smaller quantities, with the greatest attention to design, detail, and absolute gorgeousness. See the best of what Barbie Collector has to offer!

  • Gift Cards - Give the gift of anything! Barbie doll collecting can be a very personal hobby. If you’re not sure just what to get for your favorite Barbie doll collector, give them the gift of choice! A Barbie Collector Gift Card lets shoppers spend your gift on whatever their heart desires. And that may just be the best present of all.

  • High Fashion - The roots of Barbie style! She was the original “teenage fashion model,” and her connection to haute couture runs deep. 2012 saw the debut of the “Atelier” collection, inspired the tradition of the designer’s workshop and handmade fashions for the most elegant of occasions. The result? Collectible Barbie dolls wearing fashions so glamorous, you wish you could get them in the real world!

  • Pop Culture - Inspired by popular icons and media! More than 200 pop culture inspired Barbie collectible dolls have captured the attention of fans worldwide. The Twilight Saga, Dancing With the Stars, The Wizard of Oz, and 80s rock divas have all inspired recent Barbie doll collections. Browse inside this department to see what’s on Barbie’s pop-culture radar right now.

  • Fantasy Glamour - Let your imagination go wild! Barbie not only does fabulous fashion, she also serves as a muse for designers to create some of the most stunning, fantastic, and strikingly beautiful dolls. From the mythic to the extraterrestrial, you’ll be amazed at the roles Barbie takes on for passionate doll collectors.

  • Vintage Repro - Go back in time! The Vintage Reproduction Department features Barbie, Ken, and Francie dolls and fashions inspired by designs from the 1950s and 1960s. Re-created with today’s fabrics and materials, vintage repros are a nostalgic nod to Barbie doll history. They’re also fabulously fashionable in their own right, proving that timeless styles always come back into fashion!

  • Keepsake/Start a Collection - Doll lovers, start here! The Barbie dolls you’ll find in this department may remind you of ones you played with as a girl – or ones that daughters and nieces are playing with now. But they’ve been made with extra care by Barbie Collector, in fun collectible themes like the popular Dolls of the World® series. Explore the whole department now!

  • Special Offers - Save before they’re gone! Get special offers and deals on collectible dolls, as well as Barbie-themed jewelry and accessories. These must-haves come with a can’t-resist price tag, deeply discounted from their original prices. Once Barbie dolls and accessories are added to this department, they fly off the shelves. Act fast and save big on these collector items.

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