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Beautiful dollhouses, furniture and accessories from the leading dollhouse miniatures catalog

Hobby Builders Supply has spent the last 30 years supplying wood dollhouse kits, collectible miniatures and hand-crafted wood dollhouse furniture to miniature enthusiasts across the country, serving as the world's largest discount dollhouse and miniature supplier.

  • Dollhouses - The rewarding hobby of dollhouse and miniatures collecting has been around for centuries and the Hobby Builders Supply catalog has spent over three decades delivering everything you need to see and embrace the world in miniature scale. Whether you're looking for a ready-made model or a DIY project that you can build from the ground up, you'll find a selection that includes Kits, Finished, QuickBuild and Special Scale dollhouses as well as convenient House Additions, Room Boxes and options that are perfect for miniatures newbies and seasoned miniaturists alike. Start your heirloom collection today to share with generations to come.

  • Dolls, Animals & Accessories - Enter the imaginative world of miniatures with over 5,000 items to bring your mini world to life. Shop their extensive dollhouse miniatures catalog by category, room, scale, season or price to find the ideal additions for your mini abode. From human families to furry pets, doors and windows to flooring, doll clothing, kitchen appliances and accents, you'll discover a vast variety of miniature people, animals and accessories available in a wide range of materials and themes to suit any period, style or vision.

  • Furniture - Hobby Builders Supply brings you dollhouse furniture in so many styles, your mini dream house is only a few swift clicks away. From award-winning 20th-century miniatures to complete a modern and contemporary interior to authentic furniture reproductions to recreate a period specific theme, you are sure to find the right furniture to fit your taste, era and overall dollhouse decor. Browse miniature furniture collections for the kitchen and dining room to the living room, office and nursery. You'll find sofas, tables and chairs, beds, desks, chests, cabinets, and even more pieces to furnish every nook and cranny of your creation.
The full-color Hobby Builders Supply catalog is brimming with ideas to help you begin your project from scratch or to supply the missing piece to enhance the existing collection that is already near and dear to your heart. Browse their dollhouse miniatures catalog or shop their fast, user-friendly web site to find thousands of accessories to finish, furnish and decorate your beautiful dollhouse masterpiece.

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