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Aroma Naturals - The Natural HBC Group

Aromatherapy candles - Scented soy candles made from essential oils and natural sources

Indulge in candles from the Aroma Naturals catalog featuring all natural, handcrafted scented soy candles at big coupon code savings.

  • Aroma Naturals candles - If you love rewarding your senses every time you light up a scented candle, you owe it to yourself to explore the truly authentic aromatherapy experience as delivered only by Aroma Naturals. Invest in scented soy candles that are as beautiful to look at, as they are to smell, featuring the purest essential oils found all around the world. Discover all natural candles constructed from the most natural waxes and expertly handcrafted in small batches in order to preserve their freshness, integrity and authenticity - the same staples that Aroma Naturals candles have been known and celebrated for, for the past 20 years.

  • Shop by candle aroma - When shopping for aromatic candles, Aroma Naturals candles make perfect scents, with an eco friendly candle catalog online featuring dozens of candle creations that are good not only for the environment, but good for your olfactory senses as well. Breathe in a heavenly assortment of unique scents to choose from that range from holiday inspired notes of evergreen, cinnamon, fir and frankincense to soothing lavender based aromatics that promote relaxation, serenity and tranquility. Whatever your favorite fragrance notes are, you'll find the perfect layered scent for every room of your home.

  • Shop by candle ingredient - Whether you favor spices or spruce, mints, fruit or florals, Aroma Naturals' online candle catalog has a candle centered around all of your favorite ingredients. They've searched the globe for pure plant aromas and essential oils that were harvested at their peak to ensure freshness and have sourced environmentally kind lead-free wicks, and all-natural vegetable and soy waxes that burn clean and true. Shop conveniently by ingredient or by candle size and style featuring small or large tins, naturally blended pillars, poured glass crystals or Aroma Naturals candle votives that always make the perfect gift.

  • Shop by candle color - Fill your home with natural soy candles that complement the color themes and decor in every room with handcrafted Aroma Natural candles available in a glowing assortment of handsome hues. Find your favorite signature shades or mix and match. Choose from classic white peppermint and vanilla colored candles to bright orange and lemongrass candles that offer a punch of color as well as an intoxicatingly sweet smell. From soft periwinkles and pinks to primary shades of red and blue, you'll be sure to find a candle in a shade that will suit any preferred color palette.
Aroma Naturals has served as a pioneer in the world of eco-friendly candles for the past 20 years. Pamper yourself with your own Aroma Naturals candle experience and enjoy high quality and clean burning scented soy candles that are all natural, safe for the environment and available in a wide variety of aromas and colors that will suit your mood and your style.

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