Friendly Stickers

Name tag stickers and labels, bag tags, clothing labels and more

Personalized name tag stickers and labels to identify all of your child's belongings.

Friendly Stickers - The Friendly Stickers catalog brings parents peace of mind by keeping their children's belongings safe and in the right hands. Discover colorful name tag stickers, bag tags, allergy stickers, clothing labels and stickers for children that are both fun and functional, featuring bright and cheerful, long-lasting designs that are fun to look at while they identify all of your little one's personal possessions.


Name tag stickers - Make your life and the school year easier with durable laminated, glossy, vinyl name tag stickers that will ensure that all of your child's school supplies return home with them. Choose from mini or medium sized waterproof stickers, then personalize your child's unique name sticker with a cartoon look-a-like image of themselves, their family and pets. These cool stickers are ideal for lunch boxes, books, notebooks, toys, eating utensils and anything else that accompanies them to school or day care!


Iron on clothing labels - Besides their festive variety of name tag stickers, Friendly Stickers also helps keep your child's wardrobe safe and out of the Lost and Found with helpful iron-on clothing labels that are made of tough, tear-resistant, heat-sealed, woven poly material and printed with indelible ink to withstand washing and drying. Invest in iron-on clothing labels and stickers that are perfect for yearly trips to summer camp, winter coats and more.


Bag tags - Your child will never return home bagless again when you order a set of bag tags that are just as tough as their friendly name tag stickers, made of high quality molded plastic and featuring a strong clear plastic loop that provides maximum durability. Sold in sets of two, just easily attach Friendly Stickers' bag tags to your children's backpacks, camp or gym bags, lunch bags, daycare or diaper bags, sports equipment duffels and instrument cases and say goodbye to lost luggage for good.

From allergy stickers that warn about various food allergies to cute clothing labels, the Friendly Stickers catalog helps you protect your son's and daughter's belongings with tough name tag stickers that stay on right where you stick them. Plus, Friendly Stickers guarantees your kids' waterproof stickers for 90 days against wear and tear/peeling and will even replace them if they don't stand up to rain, snow, sleet or hail as well as pool and seawater, ground dirt, dishwashers and even microwave ovens!

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